Datadog adds support for Hadoop to SaaS-based application monitoring tool

Cloud application monitoring vendor Datadog just added support for Hadoop to its SaaS-based offering. With the addition of support for Apache Hadoop, Datadog is looking to provide a more unified view and greater information into Hadoop.

Spirent simplifies enterprise software testing and benchmarking

Spirent is looking to solve an enterprise testing problem with the release of Temeva, a SaaS-based network and cloud testing tool that enables IT professionals to run tests from a browser.

GitLab now includes integrated container registry

The latest version of GitLab, which was released on Monday, includes an integrated container image registry meant to fully integrate container development into the application lifecycle.

JFrog wants to give you deeper visibility into all software components

JFrog's latest release provides DevOps teams with greater visibility into the contents of the components that make up their applications. JFrog Xray, unveiled at its annual swampUP user conference, was designed to accelerate continuous delivery of applications.

Dynatrace brings lifecycle performance management to Cloud Foundry community

Dynatrace is looking to provide Cloud Foundry users with lifecycle performance management capabilities. The digital performance management vendor is among the latest to join the Cloud Foundry Foundation membership ranks, and it brings with it deeper visibility and greater control for users building, deploying and managing applications built on the open source PaaS.


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SaaSGenius is a site that is aiming to be a Yelp-style resource for enterprise SaaS. Users can search for software options and thumb through recommendations from third-party sources. These could be reviews, blog posts or guides about the product.


The federal regulators are requiring commercial fleet managers, operators, and drivers to transition from using paper to log hours of service to using electronic logging devices. While the use of ELDs is designed to improve the HOS process, it could be a financial strain on smaller carriers and individual track drivers, warned ABI Research.