Automic integrates continuous delivery product with Cloud Foundry


Automic has integrated its Release Automation product with Cloud Foundry, linking Automic's continuous delivery capabilities more closely with the open source platform as a service.

Automic's Cloud Foundry Action Pack plugin was designed so developers could integrate release and deployment activities across both cloud and on-premise applications. With a growing number of Cloud Foundry PaaS deployments (although it's only possible to guess how many there really are), Automic's plugin enables automation and orchestration over a variety of PaaS offerings.

Automic continues to expand the number of infrastructure as a service and PaaS offerings it supports. It's a list that currently includes OpenStack and Microsoft Azure – and now, of course, Cloud Foundry.

"We see Application Release Automation as the glue that connects software delivery and deployment on-premises and in the cloud," said John Purrier, CTO of Automic, in a statement. "Put simply, our Release Automation product coordinates with a variety of products in the market, including Cloud Foundry, in order to provide our customers with a convenient point of control for orchestration and automation throughout the lifecycle of application delivery."

Here's what's included in the Cloud Foundry Action Pack:

  • The ability to quickly build, test, deploy and scale applications on Cloud Foundry.

  • Build visual workflows to fully automate common Cloud Foundry-related activities around authentication, services and applications.

  • And adopt cloud-native apps and services, as well as integrate them with other existing apps and enterprises processes in an automated and scalable fashion.

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