Avi launches Mesosphere-integrated fabric for microservices-based apps at scale


Avi Networks unveiled a new application delivery and services fabric designed specifically for microservices this morning. Dubbed Avi Vantage Platform, the product works in conjunction with Mesosphere Datacenter Operating System to provide a services fabric for Docker containers.

The new offering aims to provide a services fabric that matches the agile nature of microservices. According to the company's press release, Avi Vantage provides a dynamic services fabric for micro-segmentation, service discovery, graphical application maps, load balancing and autoscaling capabilities deployed across thousands of DCOS nodes.

"Avi's container service fabric automates application services and accelerates the path to production deployments. It empowers application owners and DevOps teams to easily deliver essential services for container applications," said Ranga Rajagopalan, CTO of Avi Networks, in a statement.

Basically, Avi and Mesosphere are providing a way to do policy-driven deployment of applications and services on a microservices architecture while also providing security, load balancing and analytics to ensure apps are operating efficiently. Avi Vantage paired with Mesosphere also offers predictive autoscaling for apps based on real-time performance metrics.

It's an interesting product that should provide the necessary services enterprises need to run microservices-based applications.

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