Azure Cloud Services now pushes updates to customers by email


It's a small change, but a potentially useful one. Microsoft rolled out a proactive notifications feature to Azure Cloud Services. Now, Azure Application Insights will shoot you an email about Web or worker roles on Cloud Services "experience common issues that might affect your application like startup failures, crashes, hangs or frequent recycles," wrote Harel Broitman, senior program manager for cloud and enterprise at Microsoft, in a blog post.

The emails can also include other important information like diagnostics related to things like stack traces and error messages. The goal of the new update is to help DevOps professionals more quickly diagnose and fix any problems.

The feature essentially builds on the existing integration between Azure Diagnostics and Application Insights that first rolled out in November. In addition to the email push notifications, Microsoft also made an update that enables the addition of the Application Insights SDK to customers' Cloud Services to provide more information on how apps were affected by issues.

"This will help you better understand the severity and impact on your users, in addition to giving you even more material to help diagnose the cause," Broitman wrote.

Using the Azure portal, DevOps professionals can also see timeline information related to application performance.

The updated features are incremental to the Microsoft cloud services, but they could help customers proactively deal with performance issues.

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