Google boosts size limit for Compute Engine block storage


Google has increased the size limit of its block storage products to 3 TB for its high-speed local SSD and to 64 TB of its persistent disk services.

With this update, customers can now connect 3 TB of SSD storage to individual virtual machines – doubling the previous block storage cap for the cloud service. The price stays the same, so for customers, this should be a significant capacity boost without any extra costs.

With persistent disk, Google not only bumped up the maximum size of storage attached to VMs, but also eliminated "the need to stripe disks for larger volumes," John Barrus, senior product manager for Google Cloud Platform, wrote in a blog post.

The updates are now available in beta. Barrus didn't note when it would officially go into general availability.

The larger SSD storage for both local and persistent disk offerings is a good follow-up to last month's general availability launch of local SSD, as well as performance increases to SSD services. As of January, they're capable of 680,000 random 4K read IOPS and 360,000 random 4K write IOPS.

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