Google takes on AWS Lambda with the alpha launch of Cloud Functions


Google silently released a competitor to Lambda, Amazon Web Services' developer-focused compute service that runs code on AWS infrastructure on the behalf of its users.

Lambda takes the provisioning work out of the hands of the developer and spins up AWS cloud infrastructure to run the desired apps. Google Cloud Functions is the Google Cloud Platform version of Lambda, taking the Lambda concept and applying it to Google cloud infrastructure instead.

Cloud Functions is still labeled as being in alpha, so there are bound to be kinks to work out over the next several months. It also fills a hole in Google's cloud product line that brings it more in line with what major competitor AWS is offering.

As noted in a VentureBeat article, Google hasn't yet made any announcements related to Cloud Functions. Too early in its development or is it a case of Google waiting to see how alpha customers take to the new developer-targeted infrastructure provisioning system.

Like Lambda, Cloud Functions enables developers to set up conditions in which events automatically trigger certain functions.

This is simply the latest example of Google's strategy to compete with its larger public cloud competitors. It's a good sign that Google is trying to catch up to AWS's feature set.

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