IBM and Catalogic partner to expand hybrid cloud, DevOps capabilities


IBM has partnered with Catalogic Software, a provider of in-place copy data management products, to integrate Catalogic's ECX with IBM storage products. The two companies plan hope to entice organizations that have embraced DevOps methodologies and technologies, as well as enterprises building out hybrid cloud environments.

Catalogic's ECX software is installed on existing customer infrastructure as a virtual appliance to provide greater automation in the creation and usage of data that support mission-critical applications. Now validated for use with IBM storage systems, the two vendors hope to drive a hybrid cloud approach to IT within mid-market and enterprise businesses.

With ECX's cloud automation capabilities and its ability to shut down idle resources, IBM and Catalogic are positioning the new integration as a way for organizations to reduce costs significantly.

IBM is one of several vendors that are betting on hybrid cloud environments continuing to dominate within the enterprise, so this partnership fits in nicely with its overall strategy.

IBM and Catalogic also have their sights set on the DevOps space. The companies recognized in their press release that DevOps interest and adoption is growing, but they also indicated core data center infrastructure has been frequently unavailable to developers.

ECX's automation and self-service capabilities are meant to change that dynamic, enabling the use of infrastructure as code (a common theme these days) for the development team. Although operations teams still maintain control over the infrastructure, ECX helps to provide developers with the access they need.

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