IBM LinuxONE update aims to simplify app development and deployment


IBM is setting its sights on developers and DevOps professionals once again with the latest update to its hybrid cloud product portfolio. Through new features and technology partner collaborations, IBM is aiming to make it easier to develop, deploy and manage apps on its high-performance LinuxONE systems while also maintaining security.

The theme of the announcement is related to choice. It's a common theme in many of Big Blue's cloud- and DevOps-related announcements over the last couple of years. From its Cloud Foundry-based Bluemix platform as a service to SoftLayer cloud services, IBM's executives are saying many of the right things.

In this latest update, IBM bolstered its hybrid cloud capabilities with an optimized environment for Cloudant NoSQL databases and StrongLoop technologies. Also interesting is the launch of new features around support of scalable Node.js environments, providing developers with an another option in the growing Node.js market.

IBM is further expanding its programming language support by porting Go to LinuxONE. This project is already ongoing, but IBM will deepen its commitment to Go this summer as it begins contributing to the community.

Besides boosting LinuxONE performance with refreshed versions of Emperor and Rockhopper, IBM is also expanding the products even more into the OpenStack space. IBM has struck up a partnership with SUSE to collaborate on OpenStack and use SUSE to manage public, private and hybrid clouds on LinuxONE.

"IBM is strengthening its expansion into the open community, providing developers more choice and flexibility with LinuxONE," said Ross Mauri, general manager of IBM z Systems and LinuxONE, in a statement. "The platform's broadened ecosystem and new hybrid cloud capabilities underscore the security, efficiency and performance that clients need, while delivering the flexibility and possibilities of open source they love."

LinuxONE is still a relatively new product family. IBM launched it last summer. The latest products will be available in March.

It definitely shows a high level of commitment to open source projects. LinuxONE supports Apache Spark, Node.js, MongoDB, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, Chef and Docker. It seems likely that list will continue to grow.

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