New Shippable continuous delivery capabilities enable cloud app portability and faster software delivery


Shippable has added more options for delivery code to its repertoire. The company, which is focused on helping DevOps professionals get code out the door and into production faster, added new continuous delivery capabilities to its portfolio.

In addition to the continuous delivery features, Shippable also added cloud portability capabilities to make it easier for organizations to shift workloads from one cloud to another. All of this adds to Shippable's existing continuous integration capabilities that the company noted in a press release is used by more than 8,000 organizations.

"Shippable makes developers more productive and delivers a higher quality result," said Avi Cavale, co-founder and CEO of Shippable, in a statement. "More importantly, the pipeline we have built is flexible and future-proof. When you want to move to a new platform or a technology like microservices, our system supports this transition without requiring new tools or infrastructure. Developers can choose the tools they want, the right cloud for their apps, and where they want to run their builds. We automate the process and deliver actionable insights into their delivery pipeline against their chosen infrastructure."

The new service is delivered to customers in a freemium model using subscription-based pricing. The free version is equipped with unlimited builds for public and private repositories with single build minion and one deployment pipeline. Parallel builds are available for $10 per month, and three additional pipelines can be had for $10 per month.

Here are a few of the new and updated features to Shippable's platform:

  • The ability to customize Docker workflows using versioned configuration files.

  • A new build system designed for faster and more predictable software builds. It also provides the ability to build containers that are completely isolated from other containers.

  • It can be run on any on-premise or private cloud infrastructure. The purpose is to provide complete control over the build system and ensure that code doesn't venture outside of the firewall.

  • A graphical dashboard shows where each code commit is within the deployment pipeline and ensures team members are aware of what version of the code is running in each managed environment.

  • An expanded API makes it easier to build apps. According to Shippable, everything can be done through the user interface.

"Solving the integration of DevOps toolchains from development through deployment through policy-driven automation is one of the most pressing needs in DevOps today," said Steve Hendrick, principal analyst for application development and deployment research at ESG, in a statement accompanying the press release. "Shippable is addressing exactly this issue thereby eliminating the brittle infrastructure-dependent scripting that is in use today. The result is a DevOps pipeline that is more application-centric, easier to manage, and adaptable to whatever tools and infrastructure an enterprise is using."

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