OpsClarity helps make sense of complex metrics and event data from data-first apps


A new monitoring product from OpsClarity is focused on what the company calls "data-first applications."

The new OpsClarity Intelligent Monitoring offering was designed to have a better understanding of distributed runtime characters of data frameworks like Apache Kafka, Apache Storm, Apache Spark and datastores like Elasticsearch, Cassandra and MongoDB.

Aside from the data focus, what's interesting about Intelligent Monitoring is its ability to provide DevOps professionals with greater visibility into how data-centric technologies and applications depend on one another. In other words, it can show the dependencies each app or database has to make it easier to troubleshoot performance problems.

According to Amit Sasturkar, co-founder and CTO of OpsClarity, open source data processing frameworks have matured and found their way into enterprise organizations.

"OpsClarity has deep domain understanding of these distributed and complex data processing frameworks and how they work together and has built an intelligent assistant that visualizes the entire environment, detects and correlates failures, and provides guided troubleshooting," he said in a statement.

The OpsClarity product converges application and big data monitoring to provide enterprises with a variety of correlated metrics and event data. The goal is to help enterprise DevOps teams simplify deployment and troubleshooting of modern data frameworks.

In a statement accompanying the press release, Holger Mueller, vice president and principal analyst at Constellation Research, noted that data-first apps frequently add to existing issues of application unresponsiveness, system failures and operational issues that frustrate customers. They're often more difficult to troubleshoot, he said.

"It is good to see vendors addressing this critical area with approaches that include analytics, data science, and proactive automation of key processes to keep up with the changes being driven by DevOps and web-scale architectures," Mueller said.

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