Walmart goes open source with development and lifecycle management offering


If you'd told me a couple of years ago that one day I'd be writing about Walmart and DevOps in the same article, I probably would have laughed.

Walmart's retail operations have certainly come a long way toward becoming more technology-focused (I mean, you can buy computers there, right?), but when it comes to leading edge technologies and methodologies for software development, the big box retailer is not the first thing that comes to mind. Actually, I'm pretty sure it wouldn't have made the list ... until today.

WalmartLabs has unveiled OneOps, an open source cloud management and application lifecycle management technology designed for developers. The idea behind OneOps is not out of the ordinary, of course. It fits in vendor messaging around platform as a service, DevOps and modern software development (in general). It aims to provide developers with a way to more quickly develop and launch applications – and then manage them from deployment to the day they're taken offline.

At launch, OneOps can deploy apps on Microsoft Azure, Rackspace, CenturyLink Cloud and any OpenStack-based environment. The list of supported technologies is modest right now, but includes Node.js and ElasticSearch. WalmartLabs has plans to launch other extensions throughout 2016.

So basically, Walmart has built and launched an open source project that provides application development and management capabilities. We have officially entered the Techie Twilight Zone.

Poking fun aside, though, a move like really does show how DevOps is heading toward the mainstream and is being embraced not only by fast-moving startups, but also by some of the largest enterprises on the planet.

With Walmart getting into the DevOps businesses, which companies are next? - Chris, @NorthernTalbot